Duval, Nick
Nick duval
Warbler Extraordianare
I'm Nick Duval! I attend Dalton Academy: School For Boys. I'm also part of their amazing Glee Club; The Warblers.

Jeff Sterling is my best friend, and he's also the world's biggest doofus.

Anonymous: don't you guys tell each other everything? how long have these been going on for?

Well, not… Not everything. I don’t… I don’t know.

Sick to my stomach.


Well that’s good! I’d ask you to come and take care of me but I don’t want you to get sick again!

Um, thanks. You’re fine, I’d be surprised if you were. I think.

Actually, if you need me to come take care of you, I wouldn’t mind. If it’s helping you get better, I wouldn’t mind getting sick again.

Anonymous: i bet jeff has nightmares about you. i mean, think about it. why was he so hesitant to tell you, his best friend?

I… Why would he be having nightmares about me? I think they’re just really bad and he doesn’t wanna talk, or not that important… They couldn’t be about me.

Sick to my stomach.


Thanks Nicky. How are you? Oh, uhm, just some nightmares that I’ve been having…..recently.


I’ve actually been feeling pretty sick. It was mainly just a headache this morning, though… I’m better now. Oh, uh, okay… Well, I hope they stop soon? Or something… I’m not really good at this.

Anonymous: on a scale of 1 to 10 how hot is jeff

Are we looking at this from a girl’s prospective? Alright… His hair is soft, and smells good, he’s got a nice jaw, he’s attractive. I’d say… Ten. Just… Ten. 8 or 9?

Sick to my stomach.


And these nightmares are getting worse.
But I’m still rehearsing!

Ah, hope you feel better, bro. What nightmares?

Anonymous: What if Jeff asked you out right now?

Well I’d… I think I’d say yes. I don’t… I don’t know.

Anonymous: do u want bas to fuck u

No. That’s… Just no.

theworldofblaine: You okay, Nicky?

Yeah, I’m fine. Why?

Anonymous: Would you rather fuck jeff, or get fucked by jeff?

Uh… What kind of question is this? I… I don’t know. I uh… Fuck? I don’t know.